“For I,’ says the LORD, ‘will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory (Shekinah – kavod) in her midst.’ ” Zechariah 2:5

“I see this scripture in a vision of  Boots on the Ground ministering in this hour.  The (kavod) of God, His presence moving powerfully in our midst!  God gave me a “WARFARE VISION” for BOTG.  Some people ask; What is it with the boots?  The boots are symbolic of getting out amongst the people of our communities and the world.  To stop just talking about what God is doing and putting our faith into action.” ~Lora



BOTG is a Worship Arts Ministry and is called to: Bring glory to ABBA Father by Teaching & Demonstration through Worship and the Arts.



BOTG began with a prophetic word given in the early part of 2019.

Dr. April Griseta of New & Lively Hope ministries had prophesied at a women’s meeting in early 2019 that a new worship arts ministry would form.  This word was put on the shelf for the LORDS perfect time to come to pass.

On a Sunday morning in June 2019 the LORD dropped that same word into my spirit and said, “Now is the time!  I have four women I have placed on your heart and I want you to contact them and form a team.”  Pastor Daniel from Kenya was ministering in a church locally that morning and spoke about our passion for the LORD and our roles in the body of Christ.  The message confirmed Dr. Aprils word that God is doing a new thing.  


  • Discernment
  • Health
  • God’s anointing on the music pieces chosen for ministry
  • Prophetic Flow
  • Lives Transformed
  • Missions & International Outreach
  • The Esther Experience




Lora Rozkowski licensed minister, founder of BOTG Ministry and business owner of WORSHIP WARRIORS e-store.

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