Hello ministry friends & warriors!

Can you help?

BOTG is looking for colorful ribbon donations.  We are using them in a fun project our team is putting together for missions.

Personal Finger Ribbon

Items needed:

  • satin or organza ribbon (no paper ribbon)
  • ribbon width: 1/4 inch to 1 inch
  • ribbon length: at least 2 feet
  • color: every color of the rainbow


Colorful Finger Ribbons are personal worship streamers. You just slip it on your finger and wave it as the Spirit of God moves you. Kids and adults enjoy these and when you are not using them put them in your Bible as a bookmark for safe keeping. See the sample picture from our WORSHIP WARRIORS e-store.  These finger ribbons are fun to distribute on the mission field and are an ideal gift for those who need the love of Christ and encouragement to carry-on in the face of persecution and tyranny.


Please contact me so we can arrange pickup/shipping.  If you would like to help the team put these together, we’d be glad to have you join in the fun. 

Thank you & blessings, Lora


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