Prayer Walk Chronicles


Hudson Beach, Florida 5/27/22
Memorial Day Weekend

Boots on the Ground walked the land and prayed at Hudson Beach. The LORD had given me a familiar scripture this morning as I was preparing the flags for our PRAYER/FLAG WALK. The LORD has impressed upon me to walk with my 10’ American Silk Flag on these monthly walks. Somehow it opens a door and gives us access in a greater way to reach people for Jesus Christ.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Entrance to Hudson Beach, Florida

Yes, this is a scripture that is used often but God etched upon my heart to begin our walk with declaring this scripture into the atmosphere. We had a powerful time of prayer for our Nation, our region and the globe. We could sense God drawing us to the deep things as we walked along the shoreline and looked at the Gulf of Mexico at our feet, teeming with life. We prayed against the chaos that is trying to grip our world. A decree came forth for the SHALOM of God to flood people’s hearts. As we continued in our walk we felt the LORD say that an awakening of great number is happening and no devil in hell can stop it. God’s presence will be tangible in our midst and the enemy is defeated. Hallelujah!!

As we continued to walk the surrounding areas of Hudson Beach, a County worker came up to us and said; “I just love seeing these flags, praise Jesus!” We didn’t catch his name but he said he had a great burden and asked if he could pray. We were in unity with him as he poured his heart out for our land and the world and believing with him for a revival in the hearts of the people that come to Hudson Beach.

Grace and Miss Lynn


We also met a precious gal named; “Grace.” We had just finished praying for the droves of people that are moving to Florida when Grace walked up. She said she has just moved from the state of Maine to Florida and is a believer in God. She shared her heart with us. We prayed for inner healing and that she will find a church that feels like home to her. Hummm…how’s that for answered prayer?

We had several other people comment, wave, salute the American flag and speak with us briefly about current events. I just sense in my spirit that God wants us out there with Boots on the Ground in our communities sharing Jesus with the people. Generally people are open and thankful for what we are doing and are touched with Spirit-led prayers prayed over them.


Beloved, you don’t necessarily need a flag to get Boots on the Ground wherever you are. God will move in your midst as you begin to share Jesus with those around you. Don’t’ let fear make you hesitate, grab a friend and start a prayer walk. You can do this!!

In His Love, Lora

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