Hudson Bch Prayer/Flag Walk

What a glorious morning BOTG had at Hudson Beach for our Prayer/Flag walk. We know God had ordered our steps and we had several divine appointments, God encounters if you will.

The LORD directs the steps of the godly.
He delights in every detail of their lives.
Psalm 37:23 (NLT)

  Dan & Julie’s duck tape


We met at the 1st shelter at the Beach and had friends greeting us as we setup our flags. I had been in a bit of a fuss because I forgot to bring tape to secure my large flag to the pole. The sea breeze was fantastic out there and without tape I would have lost the flag. It so happened that our friends Dan & Julie were at the shelter having early Morning Prayer. I had mentioned my dilemma to Julie and she said we usually have duck tape in the car. Whaaaaat… that’s God!! Sure enough God provided that little tiny detail of tape for a flag. Praise God the flags flew high giving glory to the Most High.

The 1st shelter at Hudson Beach has housed church every Saturday starting at 3 or 4pm for a few years now. Many lives have been touched through the ministry there with Troy Pederson as lead Pastor. All are welcome to come out and worship on Saturdays and bring your flags. Hudson Beach churchgoers Ken and his buddy sat with us as we spoke of our prayer strategy for the day and gave us their blessing. Ken had asked us to relay a message to Pastor Troy to keep praying for him.


We began our walk along the coastline when a man stopped us and said; “what do these flags mean? “ He was quite confused and spoke about a familiar spirit (his deceased Mother). He felt that she is the one who guides him throughout the day and grants his requests when asked. We offered prayer and he refused. This same man was at the National Day of Prayer at the Government Bldg. last month and spoke with Lynn & Skeeter about their banners/flags at that time as well. He is being drawn; please keep him and others like him in your prayers. We prayed that he would have a divine encounter with the LORD as many of his fellow Muslims have in the night hour.


As we continued our prayer walk, we decreed and declared that God’s Spirit would saturate the region of Hudson and that the marine spirits would be pushed back to the depths from which they came. The Philistine god “Dagon” and Leviathan were renounced and commanded to return to the depths and their influence demolished in the name of Jesus.

The “War Bride Flag” was what the LORD wanted out there symbolizing our mission; to push back the darkness that came from the depths of the sea.

  • WAR = is in red, significant for the blood of Jesus Christ warring over the people and region
  • BRIDE = is in purple, significant of His Church and her royal authority in the heavenlies
  • CAMO = hidden in Christ, intercession


We came across so many wonderful people spurring us on and thanking us for being out there this morning. A few veterans saluted the American Flag as it went by, how precious is that? It is truly a blessing to have the kingdom of God in the midst of those who do not know Him praying with us at the Beach. We came across a group of friends that wanted to pray with for our nation, the region and the people of Hudson, Florida. Their “JOY” was infectious. Carol & George have given food for the poor many times to Pastor Troy’s Church to pass out to the hungry and down trodden. What a blessing these two are! Jerry from the group heard the song “Good God Almighty” by Crowder ringing within his spirit and began to sing it out…how glorious!

The Kingdom of God in action – Miss Lynn praying for USA & the region

Pray For a Friend


We took a seat for a bit and a man named “Pat” came over and asked us about our flags and what we were doing out there today. He knows the God of Heaven is healing him from a horrific car accident. He walks with a cane and told us that he also suffered a brain injury. Please lift his name up before the throne, he’s a believer but keeps it hidden underneath his coarse hippie type exterior. Pat specifically asked for prayer so, thank you Bride of Christ for your prayers.

Old Glory – The American Flag


stay blessed and let the glory of the LORD shine.

Let His Praise be seen through the earth…HALLELUJAH!!


• Here is an excellent article to read: Marine Spirits & Deliverance Prayer

  • Sharable PDF of this article
  • Next PRAYER/FLAG WALK: scheduled for June 26, 2021, 9:15am. (Please check our calendar for details.)


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